Stealth Launch🌙

“In this hour, I do not believe that any darkness will endure”

The token was launched on September 8

As experienced yield farmers, we have concluded that there is no perfect launch method. A fair launch rarely results in being "fair" due to bots that swarm in and drive up price. A stealth launch isn't "stealthy" because of how easy it is to find the contract address for the native token. Presales may discourage farmers from buying native tokens once trading starts, out of fear they will be exit liquidity for presalers looking to realise their gains.

Given how Avalanche remains a relatively uncrowded space compared to other chains such as Polygon and BSC, we made a conscious decision to launch our first layer on the Avalanche network to avoid this problem of an oversaturated, over-botted launch.

Additionally, we will ensure our token contract addresses are hidden until stealth launch begins. This way everyone has a fair shot at snagging some DREGG at a decent price. Dual Network Layer Two: Swap vs Presale

Avalanche Network: $DREGG token holders will have a timed window to swap their current tokens for the Layer 2 native tokens. Once swap time ends, the DREGG token will no longer be supported aside from the initial liquidity burnt. Your L2 token will be used on the gaming platform remaining on the Avalanche network.

Polygon Network: New participants joining through the Polygon network will participate in a pre-sale purchasing L2 tokens using USDC (more details coming soon). Your L2 tokens will be used on the gaming platform remaining on the Polygon network. Note: The gaming platform will run on two networks at the same time, however, they are considered separate. You will not be able to bridge your native token directly to the other network.

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