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Dragon Egg Token (DREGG) 🥚

"Never laugh at live dragons, Bilbo you fool!"
Dragon Egg is the very first token of the Dragon Crypto Gaming company!
Dragon Egg is the native token to the Dragon's Lair farm.
Owning DREGG is a guaranteed entry for the Dragon Gold game layer on Avalanche network, making it your exclusive ticket into the crypto gaming ecosystem!
Token Address
Token Symbol
Total Supply
Stealth Launch Timing
September 8th @ 6:00am UTC
Emission/Minting Rate
0.27 Per Block (on average)
Minted for Initial Liquidity
Initial Price at launch
5 USD Per Token
ALL tokens minted to the dev wallet will be used for adding liquidity, initiating burns, and partnerships.
Official $DREGG logo
Disclaimer: Buy $DREGG only through our farm website or at Trader Joe's DEX