Enter the Dragon's Lair 🐲

"I am King Under the Mountain!"

Greetings, Yield Adventurers! πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ

Grab your straw hats, and sharpen your pitchforks, as a new opportunity beckons! In the far reaches of the AVAX blockchain universe there lies a vast, untamed land, filled with bountiful treasure. Do you have what it takes to become the fabled explorer that will conquer this new world?

Behold - a bold new layered farming ecosystem integrated with a blockchain play-to-earn gaming platform - proudly brought to you by Dragon Crypto Gaming.

But I'm a noob. What should I do? πŸ‘Ά

So you aspire to become a Dragonslayer? This title is only bestowed upon the skillful and courageous few who successfully vanquish a mighty dragon. You will have to train your body and prepare your mind for the great battles ahead!

To aid you on your quest, we bring you the Dragon's Lair, a distinctive yield farm where you can gather experience and accumulate resources so you can amass a powerful arsenal to defeat the mythical beast.

Am I safu? πŸ›‘οΈ

User safety is of the utmost important to the team. We give you dragon hunters these two assurances:

  • Our project lead will undergo the KYC verification process from the oracle of the Defi world, RugDoc.

  • To aid you on your journey, you shall carry the shield of a Paladin audit so that no hidden scoundrel can harm you.

I'm an ape - just show me the money! πŸ’°

Dragon Egg (DREGG) is the native token of the Dragon's Lair. While the market will decide the final price, DREGG will be stealth launched in the AVAX ecosystem with a $5 listing price. The team has devised many use cases for this token and other ways to support price action, including burning initial liquidity, actively managing emissions, buybacks and burns, partnerships and more.

But the ultimate use case, of course, is what will come in our next layer once DREGG emissions have ended. You will be able to swap all of your DREGG tokens to our layer 2 native tokens, which you can use to farm on our next-gen integrated farm/gaming platform and access our play-to-earn games to maximize your profits. There will be no presale for our next layer on AVAX. The only way to acquire our layer 2 tokens at amazing value is by swapping your DREGG tokens.

I love the sound of that! Give me MORE! πŸ€—

The fun doesn't end there though, our Layer 2 integrated platform will be dual-chain. It will be launched both in Avalanche and Polygon, making this the first integrated platform to launch on two chains from the get-go! Dragon Crypto Gaming will release more details on the mechanics of our dual chain launch soon, so we hope that you are excited about these new developments as much as we are!


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